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SPARK provides a one-stop-shop for all your assessment needs on an easy-to-use setup with hundreds of tests from numerous world leading tests providers that can be used to help meet your employment and career development goals.

Not all exams are offered at all centers, so in order to find out if SPARK offers your test, you must first indicate what exam you are interested in taking.

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(COVID-19) – We are implementing Environmental Cleaning, Disinfection and Social Distancing adhering to government guidance.

Attention Test Takers

We are open to business all week (Monday to Saturday) from 8 am to 6 pm.

As normal, we continue to deliver exams as stated above following government recommendations of Social distancing, Environmental cleaning and Disinfection . We encourage candidates who turn up with face masks to follow sanitation procedures as:

  • Wipe down all computer stations (keyboards, desk, mouse) after each candidate use.
  • Space candidates as far apart from each other as possible.
  • We allow candidates who bring sanitizing supplies (wipes, hand sanitizer, etc) to make use of them prior to beginning their test and store them away with personal belongings while the exam is in progress.
  • We also provide extra tissues on all computer stations.

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Test Delivery options

Our standard test administration procedures meet or exceed all requirements set forth in the Standards for Educational Testing; these procedures are continually evaluated to ensure quality, consistency, and security.

Computer-Based Examinations

The success of training programs require reliable, convenient testing, which is the reason the SPARK system was developed around the power and flexibility of the Internet. SPARK offers approximately 100 testing seats, 6 days a week, ALL YEAR!

Paper-and-Pencil Testing

For companies, schools/Colleges/Universities, clients, and candidates who prefer paper and pencil examinations, our extensive centre resources means that we can deliver invigilated 100+ per session paper and pencil certification and licensure examinations to candidates 6 days a week, all year!

Online Testing (Non-Invigilated)

SPARK offers non-invigilated, online testing services as well. For those testing needs, such as for practice tests, SPARK offers the same secure testing software, online and non-invigilated.

Education Recruitment

SPARK matches teaching education professionals with opportunities in schools and other educational settings across the full curriculum span, age groups, abilities and special needs for short-term, long-term roles and day-to-day supply work. With education at the heart of our community, it’s no surprise that we have become best friend to both our schools’ and our teachers’.

SPARK Classroom Rentals

Unbeatable Price for Training Rooms.

We offer rooms and services better than the rest. And at a price that’s lower than anyone else. We simply won’t allow anyone to beat us on price.

You get way more than a classroom.

Functional skills – Mathematics, English & ICT

We offer NCFE Functional Skills assessments in English, Mathematics and ICT.   Functional Skills are useful for Learning, Employment and Higher Education.

We make booking and sitting your exam very simple. You can schedule exam times for the morning, and/or afternoon, Monday to Saturday, ALL YEAR, what day and time to sit your test, whether you sit the paper-based or online (computer-based) test.  The NCFE Functional Skills results are released in 6 working days after the exam.  The paper-based test has an additional admin fee and must be booked 15 working days before test date.

Next steps: If you would like to book an exam please could you:
a) Download test booking form or send us an email requesting a booking form;  b) Make payment into our bank account – details of prices are provided on test booking form; c) Complete ALL boxes in the test booking form;  d) Submit form by email.

Practice test paper – we will send this to you once you have registered if you would like to know what to expect in your test. There is a charge to mark the practice test paper. This is beneficial for candidates to give you a feel of what to expect.  We are also able to provide One-to-One tutoring to increase your chances of passing your test.

Exams Supervision

We have experience in supervising examinations for individual students, or groups of learners, a unique service for companies, schools/Colleges/Universities, or standardized exams for clients and candidates studying by Distance Learning or who are away from their establishments during exam season.  Our fees are compatible and we will not be beaten on  value for money!

Exam Proctoring Services – Terms and Conditions
1. Examinations fees will be forfeited if candidates fail to be present on the date registered.
2. No refunds will be granted once registration for an Exam has been confirmed and the administration process initiated with the Awarding organization and the candidate.
3. Only candidates with valid membership and valid IDs as per Awarding Body requirement are eligible.
4. There is a 100% charge to re-schedule the exam date after making the initial booking.
5. SPARK’s Exam Proctoring Services’ facilities are available all week, Monday to Saturday except Sundays and bank holidays. Times – 08:00 or 18:00 (Flexible).
6. No refunds will be granted if the Exam is cancelled by the Awarding body. 50% Proctoring fee may be claimed if SPARK is unable to deliver the Exams due to weather, technical or environmental circumstances beyond our control and this is subject to discussion with client, usually with a view to reschedule the exam.
In making any payment to SPARK, candidates/sponsors agree to the above Terms and Conditions by declaring as below:
I declare that the information given is correct and I hereby agree with SPARK’s Terms and Conditions of Enrollment and make payment for the Examination date stated in my correspondence.

One-to-One Tutoring (Online and Face to face)

One-to-One Tutoring

One2One tutoring at centre by a subject specialist tutor with access to our online award-winning revision and exam practice papers for Vocational qualifications & GCSE with hundreds of past questions with tutor supervision. This leads the way in student-driven learning; increasing confidence and consolidating learning, ALL year!

Due to the current pandemic, face to face tutoring is suspended awaiting new guidelines from government.
We are focusing on Online tutoring provision.

Online Courses
SPARK now offers a range of courses and one to one tutoring online. We want to ensure that students receive the very best tuition and revision support throughout the academic year in preparation for their exams. Our online options ensure wider access to the expertise of our tutors.

Online options
Saturday School: Small group topic focused tuition to support students throughout the year as they proceed through the syllabus
One-to-One tuition: Private tuition offering great flexibility and fully tailored to your child’s needs
Online Revision Courses: Similar in approach to our renowned centre-based courses, these small group courses focus on revision and exam skill preparation. Due to the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we scheduled online courses at Half Term and Holidays. Beyond that we anticipate the majority of our small group courses being class-room based whilst we will continue to offer online for subjects that have low exam entrant numbers.
Benefits of an Online course
Same expert help from experienced SPARK tutors.
Study from the comfort of your own home
Accessible from any location
Saves time and expense of travel
Course Format
Our online courses are delivered using Microsoft Teams, which is easy to access and compatible with most devices.

The structure of our online courses is similar to our centre based courses, with A level students covering one subject, whilst GCSE students cover two subjects per course.

Whilst some of the content of the course is prescribed, students are invited to submit additional topic areas that they would like to cover via our Student Portal, so that our tutors can take into account the learning needs of each student.










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Our Partners

SPARK Exam centre has partnered with the world's leading On-Screen and Paper-based certification and recertification providers like Pearson VUE, Kryterion, Scantron PAN/PSI, ACCA, IAB and NCFE to offer a wide choice to test takers and proud of our 6 years' experience in delivering certifications.