SPARK provides a one-stop-shop for all your assessment needs on an easy-to-use setup with hundreds of tests from numerous world leading tests providers that can be used to help meet your employment and career development goals.

Not all exams are offered at all centers, so in order to find out if SPARK offers your test, you must first indicate what exam you are interested in taking.

For a full list of our partner providers – that is, the organization whose exam you wish to take, click here


Each year the number of courses using online testing increases and the number of students enrolling in these courses also increases.


Test Delivery options

Our standard test administration procedures meet or exceed all requirements set forth in the Standards for Educational Testing; these procedures are continually evaluated to ensure quality, consistency, and security.

Computer-Based Examinations

The success of training programs require reliable, convenient testing, which is the reason the SPARK system was developed around the power and flexibility of the Internet. SPARK offers approximately 100 testing seats, 6 days a week, ALL YEAR!

Paper-and-Pencil Testing

For companies, schools/Colleges/Universities, clients, and candidates who prefer paper and pencil examinations, our extensive centre resources means that we can deliver invigilated 100+ per session paper and pencil certification and licensure examinations to candidates 6 days a week, all year!

Online Testing (Non-Invigilated)

SPARK offers non-invigilated, online testing services as well. For those testing needs, such as for practice tests, SPARK offers the same secure testing software, online and non-invigilated.

Live Online Testing (Invigilated Options)

SPARK  offers live, Online Testing  services – (Invigilated). Live, online invigilating provides all year scheduling and delivery, system check, identity authentication, monitoring and recording of the test taker, the environment, the computer and its processes.

SPARK Classroom Rentals

Unbeatable Price

We offer rooms and services better than the rest. And at a price that’s lower than anyone else. We simply won’t allow anyone to beat us on price.

You get way more than a classroom.

Functional skills – Mathematics, English & ICT

We offer NCFE Functional Skills assessments in English, Mathematics and ICT. Functional Skills are useful for Learning, Employment and Higher Education.

We make booking and sitting your exam very simple. You can schedule exam times for the morning, and/or afternoon, any day Monday to Saturday, what day and time to sit your test, whether you sit the paper-based or online (computer-based) test.  The NCFE Functional Skills results are provided in 6 working days after the exam.










Our Partners

SPARK has partnered with the world's leading online computer-based testing and eAssessment providers like Pearson VUE, Kryterion, Castle Worldwide, PAN/PSI, BTL and NCFE to offer a wide choice to test takers and proud of our 5 years' experience in delivering tests.